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Train, Experience the Change and Track Your Progress

Get Toned, Burn Fat and Gain Endurance

Forget about the traditional and long spinning classes, only focusing on one muscle group! Come do a 25 minutes EMS Cardiovascular Training session and burn up to 1000 calories, while you stimulate and tone about 300 muscles in your body simultaneously.

Build Muscle and Gain Explosive Strength

EMS Muscle Training is our signature training which through a 20 minutes session you will get a full body workout equivalent and more effective than 2 hours of conventional exercise, without the impact and stress on your joints.

Track Your Progress, Don't Guess

If you are not assessing, you are guessing!
Find out exactly what you are made of by completing your body assessment via our state of the art, medical grade, Segmental Composition Analyzer.

We have different packages and pricing plans flexible and suited for everyone. Call us to inquire.


Every session is guided by one of our certified personal trainers

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Don't Just Take Our Words For It

Saeid, Toktam

Director, Corporate Client Solutions CBRE Management | Central Region

Being a marathon runner and an athlete at heart, I have seen substantial improvement in my endurance, something I've always struggled with in the gym, without constant impact on my joints.  EMS Training has been the key to my continuous success without painful knees and joints.

Ostor, Raymond

VP Product & Technology, Viafoura

I've substituted my 5 days per week of personal training and martial arts for twice per week of EMS training and have never felt as healthy, capable and fit since my early 20s.  I have so much valuable time freed up in my weekly schedule which I can use at home and work, rather than in the gym waiting on sweaty dumbbells.

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