Worried you might go away from time to time?

Pause and freeze your membership temporarily for a small fee of $29.99 for each month. Simply ask us, and we'll do the rest.

Hassle-Free Membership Termination!

Any membership plan may be cancelled after its minimum required term with 30 days written notice at no charge.

What is Laundry & EMS Garment Service?

There is a specific EMS certified outfit which you are required to wear in order for the technology to work, which through laundry service, we will mark your outfit to identify it uniquely and will wash it immediately after your training session, so you don't have to carry a wet and sweaty outfit with you after training.  Laundry Service also covers FREE EMS outfit replacement once your outfit requires replacement due to regular wear and tear process, which otherwise would cost you $89.99.


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